Canny Tip #1 – HUB + CTRL + F = Search *All* Your Apps?

Hello – Welcome to a new mini series of blog posts on little hints, tips and gotchas as I work my way around Qlik Sense and other Business Intelligence tools. This is Canny Tip #1 and its a Qlik Sense on Windows tip… enjoy!

Sometimes the simple things make you stop, think, and re-evaluate.

I was looking for an app that was either published in a stream, or had been duplicated in the My Work stream.

Normally I’d jump into the QMC, and filter on the Apps page to see which stream the app resided in, then open The Hub, to find what I was looking for.

For some reason, I decided to hit CTRL + F, and before my eyes appeared a search experience I had never seen in the Qlik Sense Hub…

At the top of the screen, a search bar appeared, which allowed me to search for the App I wanted, and launch, all from the same screen. I was expecting for the standard web browser “find in page” search to appear, so I was surprised to see this common shortcut had been remapped to something a lot more useful!

“A search box, that’s not very exciting Carl” I hear you squark, however, it is a global smart search

It doesn’t just look for the App name… it searches within the App’s metadata too!

As per below, I was looking for an app called NAV, but, it also found an app with the App Description containing “navigation” – pretty cool!


Canny Tip #1 =

Use CTRL + F to search for apps from The Hub