Qlik DataTransfer…?

SaaS-based Business Intelligence is on the rise. COVID has proven that when working remotely, you need access to your data wherever you are, rather than connecting back into an office network via a VPN to open up a spreadsheet… no thanks! 🤮

With this in mind, I’ve continued my exploration of Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS (or SaaS for short). SaaS is the cloudy version of Qlik Sense and is the ‘big boy’ version of Qlik Sense Business (which I’ve blogged about previously here)

But, Carl, I’ve got on-prem data sources… How do I connect SaaS to them?

Easy! Say Hello to Qlik DataTransfer.

Qlik DataTransfer

Qlik DataTransfer (QDT) is a lightweight client, which you install alongside/near your on-prem sources, to push those data sources up to SaaS. There are three main ways this is handled…

1) Qlik App – already got a Qlik Sense or QlikView Desktop file? Point QDT at it and when the reload is completed, QDT will do a binary load, store it as QVD, and push to the cloud. Very cool.

2) Data Connection – there are various connectors available to pull data natively using QDT. For example, perhaps you have an ODBC driver setup to a SQL Server? Well use that in QDT and simply select the tables/views you wish to push to the cloud.

3) Data Folder – for lovers of spreadsheets and other flat files, QDT can watch a folder on your network for new or changed flat files and instantly push them to the cloud

After you’ve chosen one of the above methods, you can select which apps you wish to reload in the SaaS platform once your data has been successfully pushed to the cloud. Just think of the options around active intelligence and alerting*…!

The 3 options above don’t have to be used in isolation. In the next blog, I’ll demonstrate how I’ve used both the Data Folder and the Qlik App options to create a full ETL process before reloading your apps in SaaS,

So, yeah, getting your data to SaaS is a doddle using Qlik DataTransfer. It wouldn’t be a blog without some constructive moaning, so, a future blog will explore some of the gotchas… stay tuned!

*yes, data-driven alerts are in SaaS and they’re great.