Canny Tip #2 – CTRL + 00 = Data Model?

This is Canny Tip #2 and its a Qlik Sense tip!

Ever wished there was a way to automatically generate some dummy data?

Perhaps you want to test out some new visuals, or make sure Section Access is working without pulling together a brand new data model.

CTRL + 00 to the rescue!

A good friend (@QlikStu) showed me this trick, quite a while ago, and at the time, it blew my tiny Qlik mind.

From the Data Load editor, create a new tab, then hit CTRL + 00

And before your eyes, a 30 line Qlik script is automatically generated and inserted.

Simply reload your App, and hey presto… 1981 rows of dummy data is loaded!

Easy 🙂

Simple data model for simple data testing!

Canny Tip #2 =

Use CTRL + 00 to quickly build some mock data!